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Customer service is vitally important in the hospitality industry. Every point of contact between staff and customer is an important opportunity to establish a positive impression. At FEC, we understand that these impressions can be shaped by the efficiency and reliability of the equipment and tools you use. The POS system that you choose can help shape the impression in a favorable way. FEC Hospitality POS Every year over a tens of thousands of FEC products are installed into hospitality environments. of FEC pos systems challenge. Combined with POS software, FEC pos systems have supported hospitality businesses with their customer retention.


The supermarket scenario is characterized by an excess of logistical challenges, so much that many retailers find that traditional electronic cash registers can no longer efficiently handle the workload. Consequently, many retailers find it necessary to replace traditional electronic cash registers with a POS terminal in order to enable various value added programs such as, fraud audit, inventory and order management, returns, labor management, customer relationship management (CRM), loyalty programs, and back office accounting. Therefore, the POS system that is implemented into a business is a key factor in ensuring competitiveness in the retail industry.


Driven not only by the development of technology but also by the convenience and the reduction of cost, flat panel displays are commonly used in the daily life. This smart technology can be used in all areas, including hotels, retail stores or even in public transportation. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and our product lines are no exception, from KIOSK to interactive information system. CITOP is dedicated to satisfy different needs for our customers with high-quality multitouch Panel PC solutions.


In response to production boost and to the demand for higher quality, lower direct labor and greater flexibility, the growth of industrial automation technologies allows corporations to evolve from manual machinery to full automation. Touch Panel PCs serve as the critical component that provides a wealth of information throughout the facility and enables rich information exchange and system integration. CITOP has a complete Touch Panel PC portfolio to fulfill any requirement and application.